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Check out the center... photos new to older, including some events and updates

OLCA new pic.jpg
OLCA summer pic.jpg
OLCA pickleball.jpeg
OLCA flagpole pic.jpg
OLCA main room.jpg
OLCA hallway 2.jpg
OLCA hallway.jpg
OLCA pavilion pic 2.jpg
OLCA kitchen.jpg
OLCA kitchen 2.jpg
olca updated pic.jpg
OLCA earht day 4.jpeg
OLCA market poster.jpeg
OLCA earth day 3.jpeg
OLCA market night.jpg
OLCA earth day.jpeg
OLCA market night 2.jpg
OLCA olpa.jpeg
OLCA 4h.jpeg
olca inside.jpg
OLCA earth day 2.jpeg
OLCA market 3.jpeg

Looking back- Some much needed roof and cupola repair! Updates inside as well. 

OLCA roof.jpeg
olca roof 3.jpg
OLCA tim 2.jpeg
OLCA tim.jpeg
olca roof.jpg
olca roof 2.jpg
olca map.jpg
olca lake pic.jpg
homemade jam 1.jpg
CC aug.jpeg
CC shirts.jpeg
movie night.png
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